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Friday, March 11, 2011

What about those photos?

You may think posting a funny photo of your friend from a class trip or house party on a social networking site is hilarious. Posting a photo of someone without their permission is in fact a violation of their privacy.  Remember to ask your friend for permission before doing so.  Nothing could be more disheartening than losing a friend because you posted that hilarious photo of them without their knowledge. Within minutes the photo could be copied and uploaded to other sites, which could create an embarrassing situation for your friend. Simply ask for permission before posting a photo. This is a common courtesy that many of us forget about.
Remember to use caution when posting photos of yourself. Do not post photos that could question your character and morals. Employers frequently check social media sites to find out more about the person they are considering for employment. It would be unfortunate to learn that you did not get a job because any employer saw your profile picture online and decided not to hire you. The photos in question are those of individuals dressed inappropriately (i.e. photos of males without a shirt on, scantily dressed females, young adults smoking, adults drinking alcohol  or engaging in inappropriate situations). Use your head and your best judgment. Remember you never know who may see you.

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